Allergic rhinitis

Seasonal sneezing and running nose as well as allergies to dust and hairs, brings discomfort and can even be debilitating for certain people.

By balancing the adrenal function, the immune system and the flow of the lymph, acupuncture can be a solution to reduce or eradicate those symptoms. Local points reduce the sensitivity of the nose and eyes and systemic points can balance the lung/kidney, spleen and liver functions.

Treatment during acute phases brings a good result, but for a long term effect, preventive treatment before the season of the allergies is even more effective.

Hidden allergies

Symptomes like headache, cystitis and other inflamation ( ex: IBS ) can come from an allergic respond of the body. The allergen is often in the food ( milk, chocolate, gluten …) . During palpation and diagnosis in chinese medicine, reflex points can show an allergic reaction of the body. Looking for the allergen and treating with the right protocole can balance the body for a cure.