Often seen as a mental problem, the depressive state has a strong rooting in the physiology of the body. Oriental medicine is well known for its body and mind healing effect. In this type of problem this expression makes all of it’s meaning, because the mental state of the patient is a direct reflexion of it’s body functions.

The Spirit is not seen as only located in the brain, and as a ‘computing unit’ that can be fixed by changing it’s programming. Each organ reflect a part of the Spirit, the Heart and Blood being its  ultimate controller.

  • The emotion linked to the Heart is the Joy which can alleviate even the deepest and darkest thoughts.
  • The thinking process is driven by the Spleen. When the thoughts never stop, and no decision can be made, the resulting mental fatigue can ruine even the best moments.
  • Deep sadness can be difficult to overcome. The emotion of the Lung is the sadness. Reinforcing this organ can alleviate the despair.
  • The fear is controlled by the Kidney. When this organ is weak ( or weakens with the age), everything can become source of anxiety.
  • The anger is the emotion of the Liver.  It’s the organ of the expanding energy. When the resentment is not expressed, it can come out in burst of anger and can be violent. The taste related to the Liver is bitter. All the metaphors with this bitterness shows how important is the smooth flow of the energy of the Liver for a balanced emotional state.

The Blood is the Housing of the Spirit. Therefore the nutrition should be of a good quality to ensure emotional balance. This relation can be observed in the post-partum depression, when the blood loss have been important during labor and delivery.

As we can see each functional organ can be supported with acupuncture and shiatsu to bring back the body to a good balance. When this balance has been restored, the patient suddenly realize that is depression and negative mental outlook disappeared.