Premenstrual syndrome ( PMS ) and dysmenorrhea

Cramping pain before during or after the menses, headache and general irritability can come from various kinds of imbalance in the woman body. By a careful observation of the function of the blood, liver and spleen , acupuncture and shiatsu are able to reduce the symptoms by bringing the body to more balanced state and a smoother blood flow in the lower abdomen.

Absence of menses or excessive blood loss during menses are also conditions that can be regulated by an appropriate treatment.

Shiatsu, acupuncture and moxa are great tools to help smoother pregnancy and prepare delivery.

From morning sickness to general pain an aches, hip, back neck and shoulder stiffness, acupuncture and shiatsu treatment during pregnancy helps to deal with the discomfort. Also, home therapy can be explained for the preparation of the labor and delivery.