TICs and OCDs

Imbalance in the nervous system due to the patient constitution or the exposure to constant stress can lead to compulsive and obsessional behavior or the apparition of muscle spasm ( TICs ) .

Good acupuncture point can be used to smooth the neural reflexes, release the body and clear the mind.

Also for kids and young adults, hyper activity can be alleviated with acupuncture session and home treatments.


In some case, acupuncture helps to alleviate the neurological pain in case of diabetes and sclerosis syndrome, or neurological symptoms Parkinson syndrome.

Prevention of strokes and treatment of post-stroke paralysis, aphasia and motor impairment.

Body signs and reflexes appear before the coming of a stroke. Also the blood pressure should be regulate. In this case, even if medication is taken, the long term acupuncture treatments help naturally balance the blood pressure, and sooth the blood flow in the head to prevent the stroke.

After stroke treatment is a highlight of the usage of acupuncture in china. If treatment starts as soon as possible after the attack ( days, weeks ) the recovery of motor, cognitive and speech function is faster and more complete.