When it becomes a chronic sinusitis, this is a source of pathological factor that can maintain a inflammatory source in the body. Those inflammatory factor can bring pain in every area of the body. This process is called focal infection. Therefore a good hygiene of the sinus and appropriate treatment to terminate inflammation in this area is very important.


Asthma can be dry or with a lot of dampness, usually persistent coughing can be a symptoms before an asthma attack.

Root treatment include strengthening the Lung and Kidney functions, as well as balancing the Spleen to reduce the production of dampness. Symptomatic treatment includes point of the upper chest , treated with needle and moxa technics. A simple treatment with moxa need to be learned and carried out daily at home for a lasting effect and the disappearance of the asthma attacks.

Common cold and Coughing

In the Chinese medicine point of view, the external cold and wind penetrate the body by the skin and upper part of the body. The symptoms related to the start of a common cold is therefore, cold and shivering, cramping and sore upper back and neck muscle, heavy head and obstruction of the opening ( eyes, ear, nose and throat ) and/or headache. The cold/wind then makes it way more deeper in the body bringing coughing, soar throat and production of mucus. If not treated at the beginning of the symptoms, and if the defensive energy of the body is weak, the symptoms can evolve into bronchitis, pneumonia and the treatment is more long and difficult. Therefore a good treatment including cupping, needles and moxa from the very beginning of the illness can prevent the wind/cold penetrating deeper in the body and a faster resolving of the symptoms.

Also, after acute phase of the common cold, persistent coughing can remain. In this case also acupuncture treatment should be carried out to avoid the weakening of the energy of the Lung and the recurring of common cold. Self treatment can also be explained and carried out daily to stop the coughing.

In case of chronic and recurring common cold, acupuncture points have a good effect in strengthening the defensive energy of the body. Nutrition should also be examined to determine if some food should be avoid or added to the diet to treat the condition.