Drugs and medicine detox

Long term use of drug can be toxic to the body and bring a wide range of symptoms. Acupuncture protocol exist to help the body eliminate the toxins from the body.

Also in advanced case, the liver organ can be damaged not only by drugs but also alcohol and intoxicant. In this case long term treatment plan in acupuncture helps the liver to recover proper function and to clean itself.

Stop smoking

Famous for its good effect in helping to stop cigarette, acupuncture indeed makes the process easier and the withdrawal symptoms lighter or non existent.

Body acupuncture, points around the nose and on the ear, combined with magnet placed on the ear point is an effective protocol to stop smoking. Usually 3 treatments are needed at a few days of interval for the withdrawal from cigarette to work, and then a few more session once a month are good to avoid the fallback.

Hunger and appetite management

Like the craving for cigarette, the craving for food can be a real problem to some people especially those on diet. Ear point of the mouth, stomach spleen and liver as well as nervous system and appetite point are used to reduce hunger and regulate digestive function. Body acupuncture is also done to tailor the treatment to specific organ imbalance.

The sugar metabolism can also be check and the nutrition should be adapted to avoid more serious illness like diabetes or metabolism syndrome ( high cholesterol, high blood pressure , cardiac diseases ..)