It’s a broad subject and the cause can be multiple. From trauma to structural imbalance or physiological dysfunction, many factors can trigger pain in the back.

In case of obvious trauma, the bone, nerve, sinus and cartilage can be damaged. Also the muscles can stay contracted and in spasm for a long period after the traumatic event. Acupuncture treatments help to accelerate the healing of the tissues and the recovery. Release tight areas and balance the muscle tone. Simple back pain as well as prolapsed disc can be treated.

The global approach of the body through the Chinese meridian of energy has a very effective action on the structure of the body. Balancing right and left, up and down, in key areas such as the hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder, brings the body to a more optimal position and release accumulated tensions

What’s inside shows outside:

The condition of the different functional system of the body reflects on the back and can bring pain and aches.

Globally the upper back and neck pains are stress and anxiety related, the mid-back pain reflects the digestive function of stomach and liver as well as diaphragm spasm and tension. The lower back is more of a concern in intestinal, gynecological, hormonal and sexual dysfunction.

In case of scoliosis ( deviation of the spine ) the discomfort and pain can be alleviated. Also if treated early in teenager the evolution of the deviation can be limited with daily self treatment.

Acupuncture and shiatsu give good results on acute pain or chronic condition.