A complet set of exercise from Dr Goodman - Santa Barbara

I was doing two different stretches to keep my back in a good shape.

  • A yoga posture where you squat on your flat heels and raise your arms up together.
  • A simple hamstring stretch.

It was releasing at the same times my legs and hips while strengthening my core muscles.

I came across Dr Goodman books and video where he was teaching as set of posture that combines those two stretches.

After starting straight with the 11minutes routine, I immediately felt my body straighten up. But the exercise was so intense that it left me with very sore muscles.

It is much better to start with the short routine on the floor, and only after a few days or weeks continue with the long version of the exercise.

For any question of comment please feel free to comment on this page or on the Facebook comments. During a treatment at my clinic in Moshav Herut we can also discuss the benefits you can get for this routine, and I can explain you how to do the exercise the proper way.

You can learn more about Dr Goodman technic for lower back pain at the “Foundation Training” website

The best is to start with the floor exercise which is less challenging and easier to relieve the pain.

The long version of the floor exercise adds some moves to the previous one :

Then the basic standing position with a 2 min video helps to understand the basic position.

You can continue with a 4 minutes exercise after a few days of doing the floor and the basic standing .

Once your core and back muscles are stronger and don't get so painful during the exercise , you can continue with an 11 minutes routine .

Remember to take an easy start .

Do one exercise a day for a few days , to not over contract your back . You can do the foetal yoga stretch at the end of the exercise , sitting on your knees head on the floor and arms forward to relax the back after such intense exercises.

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