Knee pain, leg pain and sciatic

Herniated or bulging disc can give acute leg pain and often evolve to a chronic condition. Some days and weeks after the acute back pain, developing pain in the legs is often a sign of herniated disc. Only 20% of the cases require surgery but most of the time the recovery process can be much shorter with treatment with acupuncture and shiatsu. Structural treatment with acupuncture extra meridian can correct the imbalance and lower the pressure put on the sensitive disc. Some simple exercises can be explained to avoid new acute pain period.

Disc problem is not the only cause of leg pain.

Most often, muscles tension in the hamstring or piriformis can be the cause of the pain. Also acupuncture protocol can determine if the ankle or hip or sacro-iliac joint are the source of the pain and treat accordingly.

More general leg problem can be treated, like oedema, fatigue, cramps, poor blood circulation . Is those cases the cause is often physiologic and balancing the function of the inner organ can help to deal with water accumulation, fatigue, cramps. Change in lifestyle and nutrition are often required to get the best result from the treatment.

The hip and groin area can be compressed.

This makes the blood difficult to nourish and exit the lower extremities. A combination of shiatsu stretching, acupuncture treatment and self treatment can be very effective to recover the full capacity of the legs and knees.

Of course acupuncture and shiatsu treatment are a good therapy for sportsmen and active people, preventing and helping recovering faster from injuries.