acupuncture needleAcupuncture is a technique of treatment used in traditional Chinese medicine. The concept used in Chinese medicine are based on the Yin/Yang theory, the 5 movements ( elements ), the physiology of the vital substances ( Qi-Energy, Blood, Essence and Body fluids). The organs are seen not only like the anatomical organ, but as a functional entity which regroup different kinds of tissues. i.e. When we talk about the Kidney it’s not only the anatomical kidney, but it is the growth and reproduction power of the body, the condition of the bone, teeth, ears, and to some extend, the capacity of the body to carry out the DNA program in its development.

Those different organ and tissues work together and communicate through different ways ( electric and electromagnetic, hormonal, chemical. physical …  ).  Those complex communications have been studied, felt and described by the ancient Chinese as a network of meridian in which the Qi ( vital force) flows and enable the body to function.

When the free flow of the Qi and the Blood in the meridian is impaired, blockage arise and discomfort, pain and illness arise. By stimulating the body with needle and other techniques, those blockage can be released. This is the primary action of acupuncture on the meridian system of the body.

For the ancient Chinese the inner world of the body is working like the outer world and is influenced by it’s environment. The balance in the cycle of the 5 movements and 5 organs can be disturbed by external factor like weather, nutrition, pollution, accident … By palpation, questions and observation, the TCM diagnosis can determine which organ is in excess and which organ lack of Qi. Which pathological factor has invaded the body. Therefore the acupuncture and TCM does not only treat the immediate blockage but also the deeper source of imbalance in the body. Nutrition and lifestyle adjustment are often prescribe to adjust the body to it’s environment.

The body is not only subject to aggression from the outside, but the emotions and the state of mind have a strong action ( positive or negative ) over the functions of the body. Traumatic events, stress, negative thoughts impact the body in a deeper way than external factor can. Therefore the body-mind connection is taken into account during the treatment. Emotional stability can be achieved by better balance in between the organ systems, in the same manner that positive thoughts and positive mental outlook can restore this balance.

The acupuncture have been proven efficient in a wide arrays of orthopaedic problem and pains, and has a sure benefit in many internal pathologies.

The pathologies that I have been trained to treat with acupuncture and moxa are listed on the menu of this website.

Nicolas Currivand.